Did Coldplay had problems ?

Did Coldplay had problems ? Lets see if they really do have some.

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Martin has tussled with photographers he feels have overstepped the mark. "I don't get wound up or anything, I just have a large collection of hoods. And secret pathways"

Chris Martin is nervous. I’m not sure why. Coldplay are riding high: their comeback single Violet Hill was downloaded 2 million times in the week it was available for free on the band’s website. Heated excitement has attended the band’s announcement of three free concerts, in London, Barcelona and New York.

Before its release earlier this month, Guy Hands, much-maligned financier boss of the band’s embattled record label EMI, described their new album, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, as “right across the world . . . the most anticipated album of the year”. For once in the music world, boardroom and shopfloor might be in agreement. When Coldplay’s serial perfectionism resulted in a delay in the release of their last album, 2005’s X&Y, it was blamed for a drop in EMI’s share price. When it was finally released, it sold 150,000 copies in one day in the UK. That week it topped the charts in 32 countries. In America, lead single Speed of Sound immediately walloped into the Top 10; the last British band to do that were the Beatles, with Hey Jude.

But the reviews were increasingly sniffy: X&Y was the sound of a stadium rock band more concerned with its very bigness than with meaning something. And the lyrics were trite. It would go on to sell 10 million copies. The commercial adoration and the critical vilification got to the band, and Martin in particular. Collecting two Brit Awards in 2006, the singer said: Continue reading


‘Coldplay fails in the karaoke market’: Chris


Mommey ! 😦

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin says that his group has failed as a band because they have not fared well in the karaoke market yet.

Martin admits that he would like his songs to be a success in the sing along category too.

“I’m really determined there should be more Coldplay songs in karaoke bars,” The Sun quoted him as saying.

“I’ve been into them and you open the lyrics book and there are a million Beatles songs.

“There’s dozens of Abba, Culture Club or even Bucks Fizz, but Coldplay? There will be two or at best three. If we could just get eight in every bar worldwide I’d be happy. I would know we’ve made it.

“I think there are three karaoke possibilities on Viva La Vida. It surely has to be the ultimate measure of success,” he added.

Martin also revealed that he is nowhere close to being able to perform a karaoke himself.

“I got up in a bar one night with my mate Tim Wheeler (from ASH) and we chose Bohemian Rhapsody. It was appalling,” he added.

Coldplays Journey

Journey Begins

Journey Begins

Coldplay TV

Quote From Vocalist Chris Martin:

“We’re trying to get to the very highest level. We want to be better than Mozart. That doesn’t mean we are, but that’s what we’re trying for. To me, there’s no point in trying for anything less.”

Trivia Fact:

Chris Martin appears as a zombie in the 2004 horror comedy film Shaun Of the Dead.

Early Days:

The four future members of Coldplay met as college students in London and became almost instant friends; the band grew out of their friendship. An early EP of only 500 copies got them a performance slot in the Manchester In the City music festival in 1998.

Success with “Yellow”:

Following the Manchester performance, connections with one talent scout led to another and ultimately a recording contract with Parlophone Records. A 1999 limited edition release titled The Blue Room received Continue reading

The most auspicious and hopeful song from Coldplay

Download the song Fix You

Chris Singing Fix You from the Album X&Y

Chris Singing Fix You from the Album X&Y

About the song :

Fix You” is a song by Coldplay and is the fourth track on their 2005 album, X&Y. During live performances of the song all four members of the band sing, although on record only Chris and Will do. It was also released as the second single from that album in various countries. In the United Kingdom it was released on 2005-09-05 to avoid competition with Oasis’ “The Importance of Being Idle” (released 2005-08-22) in the UK Singles Chart.

On 14 September 2005, Coldplay released the Fix You EP on the iTunes Music Store. All of the sales went to the American Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief and the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences’ MusiCares Hurricane Relief Fund. This song was also played on Shelter from the Storm. It has also became a tribute song for the victims and eventually became the anthem for the event.

Fix You Music Video :

Watch the video of the song Fix You right here.

Writing The Song :

When writing the song, Chris Martin was influenced by Muse’s use of a church organ on the track “Megalomania” from their album Origin of Symmetry. Unable to gain access to one, Martin instead used an old keyboard that his late father-in-law (Bruce Paltrow) gave to his wife Gwyneth Paltrow. However, in other instances Martin has claimed that “Fix You” is a copy of Elbow’s 2003 anthem “Grace Under Pressure”.

Some sources claim Chris Martin wrote the song for his wife Gwyneth Paltrow after she suffered depression due to the death of her father Bruce Paltrow.

This song is written in E flat major.

Media Usage :

  • The song was used for a promo for the Jim and Pam love story saga on NBC’s hit show The Office
  • “Fix You” was used for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s special, in which homes Continue reading

The Origin Of ‘Viva la Vida’

Long Live Life

Long Live Life

Coldplay may have decided on ‘Viva la Vida’ for the name for the fourth album as far back as March 2007.

‘Viva La Vida’ can have different meanings, and is translated into various phrases, depending on the language and culture. The first meaning that comes to mind of any Spanish speaker when hearing “Viva la Vida” is ‘Live Life’ or ‘Live The Life’. A reverse translation of ‘Long Live Life’ would be ‘La Vida Vive’, or ‘the life lives on’.

But for those born and raised in Mexico (which is where the phrase eminates from) ‘Long Live Life’ translates correctly into ‘Viva la Vida’, and is used to celebrate life. The local Mexican meaning of ‘Viva…’ is to exclaim and celebrate.

The picture right was taken outside Frida Kahlo’s house (which nowadays is a museum) last year during the Latin American tour 2007. Chris Martin bought three books about her paintings and her life.