COLDPLAY takes away the maximum at Q Awards.



CHRIS MARTIN Grovels at 3am after daily mirror Jibe at Q Awards.

After branding Chris Martin the “most boring man in pop”, we expected nothing more than the cold shoulder. But when we bumped into Coldplay’s frontman on the red carpet at the Q Awards yesterday, the unthinkable happened… he was actually quite nice.

In fact, cheeky charmer Chris had us weak at the knees with his outrageous flirting and compliments. So imagine our shock when he then got up on stage to accept his award for Best Act In The World – and slagged us off! He mumbled: “Thanks to everyone we’re friends with apart from people who slag us off and the Daily Mirror.”

Coldplay To Play ‘Later With Jools Holland’ on BBC2 – TONIGHT

Coldplay, Elbow and TV On The Radio have been added to the new series of Later With Jools Holland on BBC2, and Coldplay’s turn is tonight on BBC2 at 10pm, fresh from their return from the European leg of the Viva La Vida tour. The show is then repeated on Friday 10th at 11.30pm on BBC2.

Coldplay, The Hold Steady and Glen Campbell play on October 7, while Elbow join David Gilmour on September 23. October 14 stars Kaiser Chiefs, Seasick Steve, The Streets and TV On The Radio, with Friendly Fires on October 21. The series starts on September 16 with Kings Of Leon, Metallica and Fireman.

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The Wit And Wisdom Of Coldplay… (Q Awards Acceptance Speech)

Double award winners Coldplay wowed the crowds with some of the best on-stage gags and speeches of the awards

As drummer Will Champion collected the award for best act in the world, he responded to Adam Ant’s crack that the band had stolen their sartorial ideas from him. “Thanks to Q for inviting Adam Ant and making us all look like f***ing w***ers,” Champion said.

Chris Martin made it clear that he still carried a torch for Cerys Matthews, despite being married to one of the world’s most famous actresses. After collecting the best act title, Martin said: “About eight years ago we supported Catatonia and you let me hold your cigarette. I thought ‘maybe there is a chance’.”
Unlucky in love Cerys shot back: “There is a chance!”

After hearing that David Gilmour and Rick Wright had wanted to play Glastonbury, Martin took a swipe at Noel Gallagher’s Jay-Z dissing comments earlier in the year.

Martin told guest: “Pink Floyd at Glastonbury? I’m not having that.

Chatting to a reporter on the red carpet, Martin joked: “You should never count your chickens before they’ve been put in a KFC.” Asked what the band would be doing next, he said: ” Opening a restaurant and a couple of farms.”


Coldplay are butt of Alan Carr’s jokes at Q Awards

Check what Alan Carr have to say about Coldplay.

Keira Knightley, Coldplay and Peaches Geldof were among the celebrities who were the butt of Alan Carr’s jokes at the Q Awards ceremony.

The comedian, who hosted the bash, said of Chris Martin and his bandmates: “Coldplay are more rock and roll than you think. You should have seen the state of their suite. Have you tried getting tofu out of their sheets?”

Of Keira, he said she had been sunbathing on Highgate Hill but was “so pale and thin, she’d only been stretched out for five minutes when Amy Winehouse snorted her”.

Of Madonna, he added that her “lip-synching had been word-perfect” and Continue reading

MTV Europe Music Awards !

Hello and Welcome to all the Coldplay devotees !

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I mean the Fandom could make them WIN 😉


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Can Coldplay steal Oasis’s crown?


NEWS, which would surely interest you – all the Coldplay Fans out there.

Roaring Attitude

Roaring Attitude

Oasis and Coldplay, arguably the most popular and significant rock bands in the UK, are set to release new albums which should reveal a great deal about the healthy state of British pop music.

This is no bitter Blur vs Oasis rivalry. They may seem worlds apart in terms of background and sensibility – the hedonistic, defiantly working-class Manchester lads and the polite public school students from the south – but there is surprising respect between both camps.

Oasis’s band leader Noel Gallagher describes Coldplay as a “top band. They blew me away.” Coldplay singer and songwriter Chris Martin says that Oasis songs were pivotal in his own development. “They’re lad anthems,” he says, “but you don’t have to be a lad to like them. They’re for everyone. When Noel cares and he’s got something to say about his life, then he’s untouchable.”

Which is not to say that Coldplay don’t have ambitions to reach the same dizzy heights as Oasis. At the root of both bands is an overarching optimism, fierce ambition and respect for the power of song as a vehicle for human dreams. “I don’t see it as competing against any other person,” Martin has said. “I just see it as pushing what we can do as far as we can. What matters is trying to write the best tunes in the world.”

Following the worldwide success of 2001’s A Rush of Blood to the Head there is a sense that Coldplay are poised on the brink of all-conquering global household name status. Noel Gallagher, however, is not going to surrender the mantle of Britain’s Greatest Living Band easily. “There is always this thing about passing the torch,” according to Noel. Continue reading

Did Coldplay had problems ?

Did Coldplay had problems ? Lets see if they really do have some.

Keep tracking to the following news, regardless to what time these reports belong to ;)… Know more about your favourite band which you didn’t come to know before.

Martin has tussled with photographers he feels have overstepped the mark. "I don't get wound up or anything, I just have a large collection of hoods. And secret pathways"

Chris Martin is nervous. I’m not sure why. Coldplay are riding high: their comeback single Violet Hill was downloaded 2 million times in the week it was available for free on the band’s website. Heated excitement has attended the band’s announcement of three free concerts, in London, Barcelona and New York.

Before its release earlier this month, Guy Hands, much-maligned financier boss of the band’s embattled record label EMI, described their new album, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, as “right across the world . . . the most anticipated album of the year”. For once in the music world, boardroom and shopfloor might be in agreement. When Coldplay’s serial perfectionism resulted in a delay in the release of their last album, 2005’s X&Y, it was blamed for a drop in EMI’s share price. When it was finally released, it sold 150,000 copies in one day in the UK. That week it topped the charts in 32 countries. In America, lead single Speed of Sound immediately walloped into the Top 10; the last British band to do that were the Beatles, with Hey Jude.

But the reviews were increasingly sniffy: X&Y was the sound of a stadium rock band more concerned with its very bigness than with meaning something. And the lyrics were trite. It would go on to sell 10 million copies. The commercial adoration and the critical vilification got to the band, and Martin in particular. Collecting two Brit Awards in 2006, the singer said: Continue reading

‘Coldplay fails in the karaoke market’: Chris


Mommey ! 😦

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin says that his group has failed as a band because they have not fared well in the karaoke market yet.

Martin admits that he would like his songs to be a success in the sing along category too.

“I’m really determined there should be more Coldplay songs in karaoke bars,” The Sun quoted him as saying.

“I’ve been into them and you open the lyrics book and there are a million Beatles songs.

“There’s dozens of Abba, Culture Club or even Bucks Fizz, but Coldplay? There will be two or at best three. If we could just get eight in every bar worldwide I’d be happy. I would know we’ve made it.

“I think there are three karaoke possibilities on Viva La Vida. It surely has to be the ultimate measure of success,” he added.

Martin also revealed that he is nowhere close to being able to perform a karaoke himself.

“I got up in a bar one night with my mate Tim Wheeler (from ASH) and we chose Bohemian Rhapsody. It was appalling,” he added.